Sunday, July 4, 2010

Muft ka gyaan

How many of you have blamed yourselves, after some frustration or breakdown in life saying" i knew this would happen" ? I have, millions of times.....
The inner voice in us keeps murmuring many times, when we make a wrong choice in life. It appeals to us, not to take unworthy directions. But the tragedy, is that its murmurs fade amidst the rife disturbances in life and we move away from it, without patience. Our attention becomes perennially riveted to the external world. Our negligence to our own self then leads to inner turbulence, deppression, unrest and anger.
Of late, it has dawned upon me, that the least we can do to maintain some peace in life is to listen to our inner voice. It is the voice straight from heart and not from the analytic mind. A faithful friend and a well wisher too.
And after some obedience to your inner voice, you will never be the same.