Saturday, September 24, 2011

Behind the Veil..

Three months of service at an IT company.... and the experience has been a confusing trivia, now that i find it difficult to comprehend and even express how it feels. It’s a strange world out there.. The transition termed “Campus to Corporate” is probably well known in the IT world. Whatever it means implicitly, it puts truck loads of responsibility on a fresher, who once was a carefree student.

If you are a novice, you have to smile like a ditz to improve your chance of acceptance and keep smiling that way until your facial muscles hurt. You can only stop with the approval from your team lead or project manager. Else, i have seen cases where it is escalated as an attitude problem!

In India, free advice is imminent when you just give inkling to the advising party that your ears have access to a few extra GBs of storage space. But for some reason, the IT world doesn’t seem like India. Maybe that is because most of the IT people work for foreign clients or on outsourced projects and are influenced so much that the Indian genes are dwindling away. Here you don’t get free advice, you earn it. Most of it is earned through subservience and flattery. That advice could also come as guidance for the work at hand which sometimes is crucial. There are people who love themselves and people who perjure themselves and yet with poise and grandeur, the IT world continues to subsist with all its zany attributes and a variety of people.

Yes , the transition has been tough, but i hope it’s after effects are pleasant and in perfect alignment with my goal. Transitions are bitter and comfort zones are sweeter. But all that is left to say about life is that “IT GOES ON...”

The song from ” Udaan” has proven inspirational since a very long time ........

"Subah ki Kirano ko rokein jo salaakhein hai kahan

Jo khayalon pe pehre daale woh aankhein hai kahan

Par khulne ki deri hai parinde ud ke choo lenge Aasman aasman aasman"

(Where are those chains that can stop the morning rays?(there are none)

Where are such eyes that limit thoughts?

It’s only until they open their wings, birds will touch the sky!)

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Time spent wisely is one such great wealth which you can’t lose by theft or treachery. But it is wise not to meddle with and ponder over time – coz it’s a complex thing. So “just relax and move on” is my epithet to deal with time. And the “relax” part is mostly bagged by the movies that I watch and comprehend to madly search meaning in them.

My attitude towards new Kannada movies had changed long ago when every movie that released came out with pin to pin identical story lines and enough weaponry display to put even the Indian army to shame. And not to mention the pathetic state of some songs which are a mere attempt to group some random rhyming words, give some beats and call it a composition. But new winds have arrived however to keep up the respect of the industry. The combination of Jayanth Kaykini’s composition and Sonu Nigham’s voice have proven to be timeless hits bagging repeat broadcasts over the fm radio.

It is my notion that people take delight in watching movies that touch their way of thinking and their life situations. Saw the movie “Pancharangi” a few days back on TV and am impressed so much that the dialogues are still ringing in my ears. Director Yograj Bhat and actor Diganth deserve a standing ovation for their outstanding work.

Simple dialogues woven with profundity of truth, a very different storyline and a flabbergasting climax are all the elements that made the ocean of my heart roar and recede several times with joy! Pancharangi( five colors) is all about adding colors to this short span of the journey called life and look for a meaning if you are keen on it.

Movies of that kind are a rare treat.

They seem to teach us a thing or two…

Lifeu ishtene! ( There is not much to life!)

PS: Go watch the movie for yourself if you have'nt done it and watch it again if you have already done it!