Sunday, March 18, 2012

The polar shift

It is amazing how life gets us back to the very beginning after all the turmoil and gruelling journey.

I often understood that to excel, one needs to get to the depths and be aware of the esoterics of any branch of pure science or knowledge. To impress one’s peer, one is expected to speak more often in sentences overflowing with jargons. Else one is ridiculed at his simplicity. It is quite true in the beginning. These details that we cling to can keep us going, however at the end what prevail longer are simple yet subtle basics. Basics are happily the easiest to remember in any field.

Same applies to life. In my opinion, we would all turn  lunatics in a day , if we cling to small details. It is just enough to get the big picture and move on.
Well, we have been over this...let’s get to the point.

Since my childhood, i have always admired the most knowledged and sharp witted people than the cordial and sweet hearted ones. Of late, time has shown me some of the intellectuals with no bookish knowledge but yet razor sharp wit and astounding intelligence who perform well in LIFE (the big picture) than most of the nerds so far seen. This is a shocking truth for myself included who believed and relied that bookish knowledge can take man to heights of glory. Could be true...but the horizons are very limited and confined to the four walls of a classroom in a school or college. It is never the entire apple.

Realisation strikes that practical knowledge does dominate over bookish  gibberish in this weird something they call life. Bookish knowledge evaporates as quickly as it seeps into the human mind whereas on hand experience and practice will still have its trail till the last breath of a man. Education is preached by others, Intelligence is cultivated within one’s own self in defence against the odds in life. Intelligence outweighs education in all respects. 

And this has brought a colossal shift in my outlook. 

Life is not just about success. There are countless more things to it..Think upon it.