Monday, January 14, 2013

A brief walk in His realm

Classical music at its best. Ranjini and Gayatri sisters singing His praise.


Always remeber the name of the Lord
This is the sole support to attainment
God is a lion to the elephant of sins
prevailing and protecting those who seek refuge; always..
Lord, you protected prahlada and 
you are the one who tore hiranyakashipus' belly; always..
when draupadi in her distress appealed to you
you granted the boon of an endless sari; always..
ajamila called his son, your namesake
and you mercilfully came and saved him; always..
worship the cosmos Lord , Purandhara Vithala
Touch his holy feet, yes worship Shri's Lord
Always remember the name of Hari

PS: This post is a dedication to Chandrika my friend , who has always supported me to stay on the spiritual road by her views and  discussions and sharing other gems of daasa sahithya.