Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The little gift

You are abnormal, if you don't own a mobile. Survival without a mobile is out of the question ; people will show you the doors of a psychiatrist if you don't own one. And these are the words of my sage voice of experience!

Early this morning, my mobile beeps and i hurriedly pick it up to find the following text message :

" I thank you for being a part of my life and touching it with love, care and joy. good morning:)"

I delete it immediately, unmindfully and return back to mind my work. Because the right words from the wrong person and the wrong words from the right person are both gibberish.

If you meet a person face to face, it is impractical to greet him or her with such dramatic and syrupy words, unless you love them truly from heart.Then why put up a preposterous show? To those of you who think it is a gentle gesture of friendship,i must warn you that all that glitters is not gold . It gets to my nerves when the so called friends who try to please you with melodramatic words, don't even reply when you ask for some help or when you are truly in need.

It does not make even an exiguous sense, when it is forwarded to you by people who don't really mean it. Nevertheless, not all friends are opportunists.

Sometimes, forwards can be the prim ones, the most interesting ones which can scuttle a worthwile thought into your brain..

To exemplify,here are some of the best ones that i have collected.

1.You will waste your time if you keep throwing stones at every dog that barks at you.

Just keep biscuits and move on.

2. Success is nothing more than a few disciplines practiced daily,

and failure is nothing more than a few small errors repeated daily.

3.Don't tell people your problems. 70 percent of them don't care. The other 30 percent are glad.

4.Contradictory proverbs:

i) All good things come to those who wait.


Time and tide wait for none.

ii) The pen is mightier than sword.


Actions speak louder than words.

iii) Many hands make the work lighter


Too many cooks spoil the broth.

iv) Doubt is the beginning of wisdom


Faith moves mountains

v) Finally every one's favorite..

Practice makes man perfect.


No man is perfect.

5.Benefit of speaking truth is that you dont have to remember what you said but lying increases your memory power.

6.Dont feel bad that people remember you only when they need you,

Feel privileged that you are like a candle ,that comes to mind when there is darkness in their life.

7.Whatever is free is not good! whatever is good is not free!( This one is from a very genuine source whose identity shall be concealed as of now. Not to mention, i laughed my intestines out for this one!)

Of all the features that a mobile can adorn,the most pleasing to me is the SMS. It is a simple way to keep in touch with with your true friends and loved ones. Moreover, it has had the potential to manumit me from the bondage of miserable loneliness.

I bow down to the android phone that has its advent into the market recently.It's far reaching applications are captivating. But somehow, The most appealing are the simple text messages, which any basic cell does not lack..

Aren't the best things in life, the simplest ones?

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Now, how would you feel if your coach forbids you forever from playing your favorite game, just because you cheated in your last game? Or how would you feel if your parents tell you that they won’t buy you a bike when you are truly in need, since you fell and damaged the cycle that they bought in your childhood? Now that feeling of denial is nothing in its magnitude. Read on....

Before i begin to proceed with my weird thoughts, let me be given a chance to put up my own humble proverb...


Two weeks ago, i had been to the hospital to get my hand treated off some minor bone problem. As i sat there being given the last appointment for that day, i saw a father speaking compassionately to his baby. I think she was being suffocated inside the waiting room and wanted to be taken out. And then, when he turned and headed towards the door, with the baby girl couched in his arms, i could see a scene that i had not witnessed in such proximity till so far. The baby had a huge and deformed head and very small eyes. I do not know what medical syndrome she was a host to, but it really made me cold that day.

I like watching Johnson and Johnson’s baby soap ads. For me, It is surely titillating to see a baby smile and play happily being totally unaware of the world around it. But it hurts back thousand folds to see a baby which is physically or mentally challenged. I still can’t digest the fact that god can punish even innocent babies, if he wills...There is an old adage that everything in life is a fruit of the actions performed in the previous birth. To add to that, it has made its appearance in numerous historic serials that i have watched.

How judicious and lawful is it for god to make humans suffer or enjoy the results of their deeds in previous birth? Why are babies born with disabilities? some blind, some physically challenged and some sayamis? Well ,it might seem insignificant, for we selfish humans as long as we are safe, but when we put ourselves in their shoes, we get a tinge of all their bitter experiences. Not only is it excruciatingly painful to imagine being born blind or physically challenged, but surely demoralizing in its own way. How can such a feeling of injustice by god, inside them, be effaced when they grow up? What does life mean to them?

I am not leading anyone into thinking that we can commit as many sins as possible and demand compulsory forgiveness from god. Let it be a fair game.... coz at the end of every day in life, we already get what we deserve. The judicial system in any country today is strong and merciless anyway. The media is also unforgiving, unveiling the crimes committed by any Tom, Dick or Harry. More so, in the long run, we are surely loaded or burdened by the fruits of our deeds in the same lifetime. Then i question god, why carry it on to the next birth?

Does the wheel of time really turn tables? If so, how often does it do? When does it do? Will the downtrodden and depressed ever live to see a moment of revelry?Or if the entire dogma about previous birth deeds is false and unrealistic, then why is it that some are born in rich families and some born indigent? Why are some people beautiful and some ugly? Or is birth a matter of pure chance?

I need answers.

PS: I strongly implore the readers to make me happy with answers or even suggest how or where to find the answer