Saturday, August 13, 2011

Unrewarded Glory

It was late afternoon yesterday. I came out from my room onto the balcony and stood there watching the wide space. The site next to our apartment building had been vacant since long until a group of homeless had occupied it and put up 13 small plastic tents. It was like a village in one single large site.

As I scanned each house and its activities, a group of small children caught my attention to absolute totality for some time. The little girl looked about a year and a half. She was chubby and had anklets around her feet. Two older girls, stood near her and took care of her. The three of them sat in one corner of the tent smiling and laughing at each other with amusement. I think their mother had just given them a handful of groundnuts. The elder girl held them carefully in her hands after giving the boy some. The little one could not be entrusted with such great a treasure for what did she know of the value of the rare treat? Each groundnut with its precious value would be handed out to the little one carefully on her palm by the elder girl. The little one would put it in her mouth with joy and a look of utter satisfaction and hold out her hand again for the next one. This struck a responsive chord in me for a huge length of time.

The elder girl was perhaps five year old and I had seen her many times carrying the little one on her waist with the responsibility much like her mother. It looked like those kids were having their happiest moment with the divide and share moment. Normally I would have expected each of them to fight for the largest share and spoil the lightness of the moment. But the elder girl fed her little sister with love and affection and only did manage to have the last ones for herself . I stood there gaping and wanting to catch more of that rare moment.

Sibling rivalry is I think very common nowadays unless I am mistaken. And mostly when the siblings belong to the male sex, then it gets more aggressive. The best example- my case. It hurts to say more about the exampleJ. Hundreds of times, there are bitter feelings due to absence of affection and presence of divide and conquer from the other end. The scene that I had witnessed made me ponder a lot on the homeless. Who says they are Poor? They are richer than most of us. In love . In Sharing and caring. Love is their greatest asset. They feast even in hunger.

Ofcourse they will be gone when the site owner gets to know about their intrusion. But the lesson that those children taught still remains..

Wherever there is money , there is greed ( and vice versa)!

Wherever there is love , there is abundance( and vice versa)!

PS:The image above is just a reference