Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The People Issue

I was kind of greatly amused by all those jokes and geeky discussions last Sunday when Waseem had come home for a visit. I generally welcome him with open arms because he is one person who comes with bundles of laughter. He is an ingenious person who has it in his blood to make people laugh until they catch their stomach in pain. We were having a casual discussion on religion and the existence of a single god. Of course being a Hindu myself, i have my own version and beliefs about god. But i take on his side when it comes to saying that there is a single god unlike the common Hindu belief that there are 3 crore deities ( not sure how many among them are demi gods or at least they say so) . I truly believe that there can only be a single creator whom we worship as god since that is what made sense to me after reading the GITA. Call him krishna, Rama, Shiv, Allah or Christ, HE is a single entity.

 Although, HE is a single entity, the common hindu masses which includes me grew up watching the good old devotional serials on Doordarshan ,which have truly left behind a legacy with some of the greatest and most vivid picturisation of GOD(s). “Om Namah Shivay” , “ Jai Mata Ki “ , “Sri Krishna”  are the best among those which still has made a lot of impact on my imagination .Some say the television industry spends lakhs of rupees to invest into serials into the settings for the shots, the backgrounds, the costumes to increase their TRP, while they deviate pretty much from the true epic stories. Whatever they say, I have derived maximum sense out of these and it has helped me during my childhood to use the faculty of imagination to a pretty decent extent.  

After such discussions on Hindu and Muslim version of god, he suddenly said " ha, now all the gods..make a line" for which both of us burst out laughing! Jokes apart, most of the jokes are the clever manifestations of the truth that we humans do not want to face head on.And so the journey on this planet  continues day in and day out with  only a few interesting people and a lot of assholes.

Winds of change in life still continue to race over each other as i see the diameter of my tummy expanding due to chronic warming of the seat in my office cubicle. It is a challenge really to resist those yummy junk foods which are a most obvious reason to spend some time away from work in the busy office hours. So volumes of trans fat goes in without knowledge when we indulge in endless chatter about this and that. I now have an iron will to trim myself in the next six months. So eating Mom made food can literally make you live a few extra days than the cool dude who shows off at Trans fat temples like the ones we already know.

Have been confused lately by the people issue around me. ( Oh ok, guess you know it by now that IT slaves love to use the word ISSUE in every statement) .The traffic issue, the bug issue, the code issue , environment issue , family issue and so on. Likewise, I have been into a lot of issues and confusions with the people around me for the better.
I see a person for the first time and draw some conclusions. Then i draw a different set of conclusions after being with them for some time. So i think maybe i was wrong the first time and feel sorry about the person that i had the wrong impression when i saw him/her for the first time. Then more time passes and i draw the same conclusion about the person which matches exactly as the first time and now feel sorry for myself. This vicious cycle goes on and on every single day, proving over and over that the first FACIAL impression that you draw out is the best and the most truthful impression.

 Well, the ego inside me has a solution to every problem ( Intel inside ma:)  ). Quite naturally, it tells that my relationship with people will generally follow the same rules as the Indian Constitution. However they are with me and however I am with them is only reciprocative – it is mostly OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people. I am a diehard fan of Shah Rukh Khan. And luckily enough he has thrown a few epithets too in this regard: “I care for the ones who like me. Others go to hell!!”
Well, should I even say that I follow the same ?  :D