Monday, June 27, 2011

Flip Flop

Flip flop! That’s the word which is of paramount importance now. Technically, it is the basic constituent of “logic circuitry” in electronic and memory devices. It is a veritable human invention. A flip flop is capable to store information as zeroes and ones.

Yes, “logic circuitry”. How exalted the word is! But the revelation of its true and pertinent nature emerges when I tell you that it changes states. The above is mere technical info unless I elucidate how germane it is to the make of a human being.

We do have a massive flip flop in the six pound mass sitting between our shoulders. It has given us solutions and presented problems, made us egoistic; also show empathy ; run behind flashy stuff and sulk about it later and myriad more things.

100* flip flop= Human mind+ Memory

The human Mind is a flip flop of divine invention; has the potential to make or break its owner!

Being in deep inner conflict for quite some time and groping in darkness , I just plunged myself into the science of mind. Ofcourse! All good things materialize out of thin air on the Nth moment!

I don’t know whether I should really call it a science because it deserves much higher status. The Bhagavadgita is only familiar to us Hindus, coz we have just heard about it being mentioned by the third person somewhere, sometime. But to know it is,,, trust me the greatest privilege of being a Hindu.

I did probe into it hurriedly and some witticisms found to be pertinent about the mind thingy

यतो यतो हि निस्चरती मनः चंचलं अस्थिरम !

ततः तु नियमः तदात्मन एव वशं नयेत !!

“ Drawing back the restless and fidgety mind from all those objects after which it runs, one should repeatedly fix it on god”

ये हि संस्पर्शजा भोगाः दुखायोंय एव ते !

आद्यंत -वन्तः कौन्तेय तेषु रमते बुधः !!

“ All the happiness and luxuries derived out from the senses are verily a source of sorrow. A wise man does not involve himself in all these pleasures”

It sounds so pleasing the first time, when it brushes over the brain. It does bring about a profound change in the outlook. It feels like these are the best impressive ways for self(mind) control and renunciation. But following ( read practicing) these is even more a harder task !

To follow it and practice it is to be verily conscious 24*7 and be a watchdog at the gate of the mind. I have faltered million times as the mind flips and flops on materialistic things and the whole pursuit sometimes is fiasco…

I now surrender…”Mental Mastery is so profound and difficult a science that it has blatantly overthrown all other sciences on this earth”


PS: In stating the above seemingly saintly aphorisms, I am aware that it’s practice takes its toll on everyone. However , it is also said that whatever you focus on grows and expands in your life