Monday, January 24, 2011


How am i to be dauntless?
When you hew my desires to pieces?
Don't let me down to this blinding day;
With its trials and tribulations have come unending dismay.
Tell me how to greet the morning rays,
Tell me how to weave blissful days.
Don't let me lose hope in you,
Oh sweet lord, i bow before thee..

Yes, these silent words of prayers are only remaining now that a series of hostile, unfriendly events has hit me hard. They say behind every difficulty that god makes us shoulder, He has a reason. He might most certainly have it, but he'd better let us know the reason. It would surely lessen the brunt.

Most of the times, happiness also has its trail of little sorrow and every sorrow, its own litle happiness. Life is balanced that the division of happiness by sorrow or vice versa would give a precise unity..

Silent reflection also tells me that every life situation, every event or a happening and every aspect of life has two sides-just like the head and tail of the coin. Don't know why our vision gets blurred with only one side,almost every time........................

Contradictions are welcome.