Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Science of Self

Awareness of the Self lies behind the veils of all the troubles that the self experiences. Unless the consciousness is troubled and one experiences discontent and discomfort, it is very rare that one seeks for the higher level of fulfillment and liberation. The Awareness of the self  is easily lost when one does not give sufficient time for the self largely at the mental level and lightly to the physical level. 

Meditation as i understand, is the science of self awareness and bringing the human mind to peace. It works by regulating the breath as it believes that it is breath that is what connects the atma( individual consciousness) and paramatma( universal consciuosness). 

What we remain unaware is the existence of cosmic energy. It is the integral sum of all moving particles in space.The energy of these particle is the summation of all the Energy exhausted from all the Galaxies and Stars systems, and Our sun included, in the Universe. And the reception of this cosmic energy into the planes of the human body ,can be witnessed through meditation, which is very much a portal into the kingdom of spiritual science. 

It was just the jist of my experience lately .Yet to find out more about this science myself. There is more to Buddha than i thought. What i wonder is why i failed to learn from the simplest of examples given to us from the past while i actually thought life is like rocket science-tough.