Tuesday, June 15, 2010


After reading this post:
* if you are a student of an autonomous engineering college, you will be left with no choice but to admit " It is really the small things that make a big difference in life".
* if you are a student of VTU, do let me know how you feel.
If you are neither, simply read on...

The results of my sixth semester exams are two days away and mine heart beat is ticking away, amplifying every next one. My dreams every night, are haunted by ghostly spirits called "inches" mocking at me with "CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!"

To a reader who is absolutely unaware of the grading system in most Autonomous colleges, here are some defining rules-
1. The evaluation scheme is most ridiculously called CIE(Continuous Internal Evaluation) while most of us actually believe, it is (Continuous involvement with Exorcists!)
2. There are two important terms that illlustrate your performance
a.SGP( Semester Grade Point)
b.CGP( Cumulative or Average Grade Point).
3.Your Grade points are decided by 50 marks of CIE +50 marks of SEE( semester end exam).

Every year , come the results day and i see two extremes of human social behaviour.
Number one: This is the one favoured by inches, indicating the person has most likely won the battle. The symptoms are wide beaming eyes and huge graceful smiles. I call this 'peak behaviour'.
Number two: The one betrayed by inches and has a most characteristic "what-the-fuck" look on face. I call this 'peak behaviour' again.

Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting you the most awaited star of our discussion...

INCH= sum total of difference of peak-to-peak behaviours.

An inch takes birth from any of the following crazy,rib-tickling aspects of grading.
1. In a 100 marks paper, a score of 74 is given a B grade and a 75, an A grade. SHIT!
2. An 89 is an A grade and a 90 is given S grade.MORE SHIT!

I am forced to say these are the "cutting edge" differences that really slaughter hopes.

I have no clue absolutely who invented the grading scheme in order to blame him or reprimand him. But then i can only meekly say" It sets our backs on fire sometimes".

Monday, June 14, 2010


Sometimes when i get moody in life, i will be my most original self,free from all influences of the material world. It brings me back those memories of some precious moments that have shaped my personality.
When the people who have really understood you to the fullest and inspired you are far from you, already part of the past, there is nothing left, but their footsteps to follow and their memories to cherish.
I now sit warmly on the couch, sipping my favourite self made tea, thinking of those times, feeling every bit comfortable and light on the inside.
The rj on the radio had invited the listeners to send in a kickass definition of life, half an hour ago. And after such chain of thoughts, i was lead into thinking " Life is all about the good memories that you make out of it...the bad ones dont matter at the end of the day.."