Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I have got to log onto Facebook. Wait! Let me tweet first. No! it’s been one full day since I hit my orkut profile. Oh! Am I busy?

One of the biggest technology addictions has drugged my brain superlatively that I don’t keep track of mortal time anymore….! Why is my life revolving around the computer screen doing nothing but (facebook)ing and Orkutting? Should I call it the era of social networking?

As any social human being would rightly say, Social Networking is a great tool that creates a virtual space for friends. It would help you find your old friends and make new friends. It can also help you chat with friends all across the world. FACEBOOK of all,has enraptured the youth and captivated their minds.

But on the flip side ,when I see some of my friends so involved into their profiles over the mobile phones, right in the middle of the class lecture, it makes me ponder over it freshly again. Facebook has now gained enough fame and attention from the student community also, superseding the lawful books collecting dust on their shelves. Somehow, everybody around me loves to update their status messagesevery minute with something catchy and wait endlessly for reactions. When it becomes obsessively compulsive as such, wherein every soul is uploading photos, and giving instantaneous crazy status updates on competition, it loses it’s lusture. Being hunched over the laptop for hours may look good, but gradually the novelty dwindles. Moreover, despite being networked with pals all day, why do we still struggle with feelings of loneliness? Is it because we don’t have too many REAL friends? Are we so different from our real-selves when in front of the computer screens? We put most of our time and energy into it, and yet, to no avail? Are we prioritizing our online presence more than our real life presence?

I feel it is safe to maintain that minimal distance, even between the closest of relationships ,lest we all know that familiarity breeds contempt. Let us not turn so over-extrovert that we exhibit every phase of our life, every thought and every action. Life wouldn’t be interesting that way. Because even the stars would not have twinkled if they were very near to us!

PS: These words have churned out from the inspiration derived from Asha Choudhary