Saturday, December 24, 2011

The merrier, the better!

There goes me- happy and contented thus far, in the end of yet another taxing yearJ. I look at myself now like never before ( J) ,to only draw the conclusion that time teaches a few painful lessons, that we have knowingly abstained or neglected from learning in the past years. Time is the most stubborn thing in the world.

The oracle PL/SQL trainer, Mr.Ramanjaneya had once told us that WE need to be the change that we desire to see in others or in our surroundings..

Was part of tons of things at office to experience the reality of that at workplace. Sold sweets and snacks at office to raise funds for poor children, organised events on team offsite day,sang the Christmas choir at office, played paint ball for the first time and contributed my bit for every single event that went past by. Now the enthusiasm shown by us fellow freshers at office seems to be getting absorbed by the senior lot J . Also, Never had i seen or felt the fun in playing secret santa for someone on Christmas and rarely had i ever seen people getting fun awards at office for being humorous , approachable , popular and most eligible bachelor/spinster. There seems to be a budding idea factory at workplace that leaves me in awe a lot many times and puts me to shame for i once preached that college life had the most fun embedded in it

10 men can complete a piece of work in 15 days and 15 women can complete the same work in 12 days. If all the 10 men and 15 women work together , in how many days will the work get completed?’s just an apti question...Never mind the figures , sheer common sense would suggest that 10 men and 15 women working together will complete the work in half as much time as it would take separatelyJ.So share your happiness and care for others at office. For you would be spending alarmingly more time of your life at your office with colleagues than your family.

Food for thought:

Sometimes, there are these inferences that you can draw from people’s faces about their nature , intentions and behaviour. These inferences apparently are never wrong. And when people present a feigned appearance trying to put on a different image of themselves , nothing can be half as fun as disabusing them in public or asking the wrong questions to them at the right place. Try itJ

New year is around the corner !!! I wish that everyone be gifted with a prosperous new year and a happy christmas!!

Stay warmJ