Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Mocking bi(r)d

We have all studied in school that farmers are the backbone of our nation and that agriculture is the main occupation of our country. Does that make sense anymore? That sentence should be erased out of the social studies books , lest the future generations study the wrong facts.

The vast population in Bangalore alone makes me wonder as to how is the food procured for such a massive number, when there are only few villages left in the state that practice agriculture.

Sitting in front of the computer screen and entering data, programming and software developing , managing office under the fan and air controlled rooms always win the highest bid on the job platform than laboring in the fields to grow crops. But if we believe and continue to get lured by such notions, we are in for quite a surprise.

That the price of the food commodities are sky rocketing every day is reason enough to prove the fact that we are neglecting agriculture and hence moving towards destruction of our species. Agricultural fields are gulped in greed to build industries .Builders and developers advertise with such false poise, in every form of media imaginable -about the grand villas and such domicile for megalomaniac humanity.

Albeit, it is not too late to revere the unselfish work of a farmer in the interest of feeding the nation . Research and development should happen primely in agriculture, if the nation ever dreams of existing in the future. The grand fields of software and technology are saturated already.

There is no doubt. The end of the world will dawn upon us due to lack of food. And that day is not very far. And on that day, we are left with only chatting with our friends on touch screen phones.

Amidst such rants, the mocking bird says “ Dear foolish species ,tell me one food commodity of yours, whose price is lesser than what it was ten years ago? Human population is dominant on this earth because that is the only species that can mate through all seasons. All other species mate in specific and limited seasons. Strengthen the roots of sustenance first; Progress, development and flourishing as a species will entail eventually…

PS: Offensive language is regretted.